About His Work

His form of truth - his life and his work - from the point of view of the artist

    my father 1950


The emergence of a own spiritual, emotional form, expressiveness molded in color,

                                                      on a piece of canvas,
                                                Transformed from head to hand,
                                                      out not from the mind.


The cosmos united in our hearts a whole load of life,
which compresses in the artistic force.
A piece of immortality!
The force of life did permeates through his paintings it is in space;
So but space and time,
which penetrates eternity
a truth that determines everything.

My beloved father sad:

Holding on to the moment is all you can do !

I am not the one who does it, my hand is guided by the divinity, everything flows through me.

A true artist is on the trail of the truth, he pursues her to his last breath, driven by a power that creates everything.
He is not interested in marketing, that's far from him,
he deals only with the essence of art.
This is his world, a spiritual, other dimension that goes deep.
Into the microcosm and macrocosm, feelings and meditation, drifting in a world that only he knows and expresses in his form.
He does not want to prove and scientifically fathom, not determine the world and dissect it into pieces and present it as universally valid truth.
Boasting and mastering with his knowledge and the gift that was given to him.
No, he wants to show, point out and clarify to the world, a piece of truth, a universal truth, - life - to capture the moment, the food and the beauty.
The power of everything, in the eternal cycle of the universe.

Who is to say it is art?
The feeling ?
The Ratzie ?
It is all in one, it’s like you see the world.
For me, art is so beauty and intuitive wisdom,
but not superficially striking, but deep and still,
as well as love - unfathomable.
What time did survived endures.
The art shows us a way to go to the people in order to get a little closer to eternity, as religion does just so, in the very core, the arts are the same kind of love.
Aim at nothing, just-existence.
It is made for the people who can open their hearts; - hope there will always be more ?
It is fortunate that there are a few of them!

I was lucky enough to experience this with and through him.

In commemorating at my beloved father – Katrin Koehler - 2012.

My dad and me 2000